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The world’s leading agricultural science specialist required a world-class portal.

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The Project

We had the great pleasure in designing and creating a brand new portal for FMC Argo created as a custom build in WordPress, the portal allows internal users to manage and access in-depth data, documents, videos and resources as well as vital product information to assist with new and current sales.

FMC is an agricultural sciences company that advances farming through innovative and sustainable crop protection technologies. From our industry leading discovery pipeline, to unique application systems, to modern biological products, we are passionate about bringing new solutions to growers around the world.

Their crop nutrition product range comprises solutions for foliar nutrition (including a wide range of advanced micronutrient products), soluble fertilisers, biostimulants, adjuvants and conditioners.

They are also the market leader in the manufacture and supply of foliar nutrition products using humic technology, nitrate salts and advanced surfactant/suspension systems, which promote fast elemental absorption in the plants.

Their crop protection products include selective and non-selective herbicides for use in all sectors, as well as fungicides and insecticides for the agricultural and horticultural markets, which offer advanced formulations for superior performance.

For more than 130 years, FMC have been rooted in agriculture and innovation. Today’s FMC continues to earn the trust of growers and industry partners to maximise their productivity, profitability and sustainability.


Project Management / UX / UI / CMS / WordPress / Hosting



"A huge thank you to the Bluestone98 team for creating our FMC portal - superbly planned & exceptionally delivered - the team is very impressed, as are our clients, and the new portal is now a vital part of our sales channel."

Chris Johnson - Project Manager for FMC Argo.

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