Food and Drink

Creating award-winning design, branding, web & ecommerce environments for over 25 years. We Celebrate World-Class Food & Drink.

Our Expertise

Since 98, we have been working working in the Food & Drink sector for over 25 years. We work with businesses large and small, right across the spectrum in the drink sector, from The UK's No1 water brand - Harrogate Spring Water - to the most Westerly Distillery in Scotland Ardnamurchan or Ardbeg distillery to BELUGA Vodka.

In the Food sector we work with large supermarket chains such as Morrisons, ASDA or Taco Bell across the USA. To wonderful food producers, makers and creators.

We've designed it, branded, created and built multi award-winning websites and ecommerce environment, along with packaging, labelling, creating exhibition stands, events & social within the Food & Drink sector.

We've filmed it, droned, photographed, illustrated, animated and created CGI's to assist our passion for story-telling our clients exceptional journey.

James Cain


For over 8 years Bluestone98 have always been a pleasure to work with. The team go above & beyond to deliver a great service & amazing creative/design & digital solutions that always surpass the brief.

James Cain CEO - Harrogate Water Brands.


Brand / Design / Ux & Ui / Website Environments / ecommerce / Apps / Hosting / PPC / SEO / Social / Print / Packaging / Photography / CGI / Motion / Illustration / Story Telling / Strategy / Online & Offline Marketing / Advertising / Interiors / Events & Exhibitions /

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