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Bluestone98 are a leading web development agency - The fusion of outstanding design and impeccable development is at the core of our approach. Our commitment goes beyond creating visually pleasing websites – we ensure optimal performance for users and search engines alike. As a distinguished London web design agency, we transform captivating designs into functional platforms that cater to your users' requirements. We specialise in CMS website development, harnessing the power of platforms like WordPress, Craft, and customised Laravel solutions. Our expertise extends to eCommerce solutions encompassing WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento & Adobe eCommerce software.

Mercanta website design and build by Bluestone98

Design Services Enriching User Experience

Rarely do we encounter websites that seamlessly integrate stunning aesthetics with technical prowess. Our mission is to establish websites that excel on both fronts. Through a synergy of web design and user-centric design, we offer compelling incentives for your visitors to engage with your web content for extended periods. Proficiency and Technical Mastery Our seasoned team leverages their blend of technical acumen and creative flair to ensure flawless user experiences on your website. From constructing tailor-made themes to developing bespoke extensions that cater to specific functionalities – we are adept in the latest web technologies. We specialize in open-source platforms like Magento and WordPress, among others.

We are also eCommerce specialists in WooCommerce, Shopify & Magento.


Optimised for Mobile Interaction

User behavior has evolved beyond desktops; access to online information now spans tablets, smartphones, and various mobile devices. A successful website must seamlessly transition across these platforms to avoid alienating potential customers. At Lilo, our focus rests on crafting mobile-responsive websites, ensuring your company remains discoverable anytime, anywhere, on any device.

"Across all devices, our websites provide impeccable UX and UI experiences to customers."

Ochien Website Design by Bluestone98 digital agency harrogate

Robust Website Hosting

Achieving optimal performance and round-the-clock accessibility is paramount. Allow Lilo to establish a hosting solution that guarantees a seamless experience for your users while appeasing search engines. In an era where trust is pivotal for both users and search engines, secure websites have become the standard. Inquire about our implementation of security certificates to instill confidence in your users.

Expanding Your Reach: Our digital marketing services amplify your online presence by driving traffic to your website, enhancing conversion rates, and reducing marketing expenditures. Cultivate organic traffic through search engine optimization (SEO) or target users with strategies such as email marketing and Google Ads. These integrated efforts converge to channel relevant traffic your way.


Depend on Web Development Pioneers

With a legacy of over 25 years in the industry, our development services align with clients’ business imperatives. Continuous input from our clients is cherished, elevating our standards, and reinforcing our unwavering commitment to quality.

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