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We are thrilled to be working with The Noblewood Group crafting their new corporate website and we are beavering away on creating their new Beluga Vodka website. It was a very proud day when the prime Minister of Montenegro opened the new BELUGA Vodka production site.

Noblewood Group Launched the World-Renowned BELUGA Vodka at its outstanding production site in Montenegro.

The Noblewood Group, are the leading producer of super-premium spirits, has officially commenced production and has yielded its first bottles of BELUGA Vodka.

In less than 6 months, the Group has managed to successfully renovate the production site and re-establish both the process and the brand in full capacity.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro opens the BELUGA Vodka production site

“Today marks a momentous day for Montenegro as global brands are entering the market,” said the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dr. Dritan Abazović who attended the official opening ceremony of the production site at Nikšić. “The economy is at last export-oriented, and a significant portion of the products from this factory will be exported beyond the borders of Montenegro. This will aid in decreasing the trade imbalance between imports and exports, thereby improving Montenegro’s economic outlook.”

“I believe that the premium quality of our product will be the best ambassador of Montenegro as our spirits will be exported in more than 100 countries and destinations, and people will be able to read on the back label that it was produced in Montenegro.” said Alexander Mechetin, the Founder of Noblewood.

Noblewood production facility for BELUGA Vodka

Noblewood Group is committed to preserving and enhancing the heritage and high-grade execution of the iconic BELUGA vodka brand. Thus, we are keeping all the traditional recipes and production methods, including 3D beluga fish talismans, each one manually attached to the bottle; the purest water from own artesian wells; the high-end Saverglass bottles, and many others.

The front label reads BELUGA the Noble Vodka, while the back label proudly states the origin of production – Produced and bottled in Montenegro.

BELUGA Vodka production site

The first batches of BELUGA Noble Vodka, BELUGA Allure Vodka and BELUGA Gold Line Vodka have already been shipped to distributors. In the coming months meet BELUGA Celebration Voda and BELUGA Transatlantic Vodka, along with the new limited edition of BELUGA Epicure Vodka by Lalique and the new lower ABV Beluga Botanicals family Vodka.

Noblewood CEO BELUGA Vodka

About The Noblewood Group:

Noblewood Group is a super-premium spirit maker and distributor, headquartered in Montenegro. As a fully integrated business with a field-to-table approach, we control every facet of our supply chain and production, from sourcing the purest water, organic grain, and high-quality aromatics, to marketing, promotion and distribution right across the globe. We own modern facilities – a distillery in Latvia, and a blending and bottling site in Montenegro. Our strong spirit crew is made up of expert and experienced industry professionals. Our brands feature the very highest quality products, with exceptional, iconic packaging and marketing, plus a dedicated network of brand ambassadors extending right across the globe. The brand portfolio will become a collection of exclusive lifestyle spirits positioned confidently at the heart of core drinks categories in both retail and hospitality.

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