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About us

Bluestone98 is independent, award-winning, full-service agency, driven by design, fuelled by creativity.

Founded in 1998 by Jonathan Armstead, with fellow director Jonty Robson, Bluestone98 is an experienced, close-knit, highly-skilled team of designers, digital developers, writers, social media experts, thinkers, illustrators, photographers and videographers.

Harness an extraordinary combination of project management, digital/creative flair and innovative thinking.

Why Bluestone98?

  1. 1

    Striking, award-winning design

  2. 2

    Direct access to expertise

  3. 3

    Accounts are managed, not handled

  4. 4

    No-nonsense business strategists

  5. 5

    Innovation, insight and experience

  6. 6


  7. 7

    Plain speaking - no buzzwords or jargon

  8. 8

    Guided by realistic expectation

  9. 9

    Local, national and global influence

  10. 10

    We listen, challenge and respond

We like to work directly with you and your team, because being open and approachable helps us get things done, brilliantly.

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