Time to Say Thank You

The Project

In our youth we’ve all owned and loved a Swatch watch, and some of us still do! So to say we were thrilled is an understatement, when we took a call from Swatch, asking us to come on over and create a global marketing campaign for Mothers Day.

Working through initial creatives we hit upon ‘A Time to Say Thank You’ to every mum in the world, who forgive us no matter how naughty we’ve been.


Product Render / Campaign Creation / Photography / Video Editing / Animation / POS / In-store Retail / Art Direction

Photography 4


Following sign off on our storyboards, we designed and created animated CGI renders of the chosen watch design to allow the watch to flow and flex whilst showcasing the original watch design.

Photography 3

A digital approach

We delivered a series of digital animations to run across International digital poster sites from China, Moscow, America & Europe to name a few.

In-store Rollout

All of this was supported across print and in their 3,371 stores globally.

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