SLA Agreement

SLA Agreement – Our cutting edge hosting platform technology will bring high speed website performance, hourly data back ups and guaranteed security. The server side and hosting of websites is an integral part of our development and deployment service to all of our clients. You can rest easy knowing that your website is secure at all times.

• Hosting / Support / Server Maintenance 24hrs a day
• Cloudways information and specification
• Service Level Agreement
• Availability: 99.982%
• 1.6 Hours of interruption / year Redundancy N+1
• With less than 1 hour or less response time to any incident
• Bluestone98 will offer software SLA of guaranteed support 9 – 5 
(and outside these times if possible / needed).

There will also be regular maintenance windows of up to 1 hour per month (as needed) where downtime is possible as well as possible short notice emergency maintenance windows but all issues should be answered within 1 hour via our support system. It should also be noted that all sites / servers are backed up daily / start of the week / start of the month and copies are kept both on site and off site.

• Regular maintenance checks will be conducted.• The point of these checks is to ensure that the site is kept up to date and is running the latest, most secure versions of, along with utilising any new beneficial features.

Our Proposed Server Specifications:(We can scale this to have more if required)

• Processor 4 Core
• Storage 160GB
• Bandwidth 5TB

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